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Scentsy Standard Warmers

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Charred Warmer
Charred Warmer True to its name, this warmer features pieces of mirrored glass that have been flame-treated and literally charred to smoky-black perfection for dazzling, light-to-dark striations. charred scentsy warmer
Champagne Warmer
Champagne Warmer With its thick, tinted glass and heirloom-inspired shape, Champagne feels like an ornamental stamp from a bygone era. champagne scentsy warmer
Black Forest Warmer
Black Forest Warmer An unexpected white-on-black contrast gives Black Forest a modern, dramatic edge. black forest scentsy warmer
Antler Lodge Warmer
Antler Lodge Warmer Recycled glass is hand blown into a wire frame to create a distinct bubble effect, while decorative antlers complete the lodge-bound, Sundance-inspired vibe. antler lodge scentsy warmer
Antique Cross Warmer
Antique Cross Warmer Step into a centuries-old cathedral with this enduring symbol of hope, displayed upon a white crackle finish. antique cross scentsy warmer
Angel Wings Warmer
Angel Wings Warmer Galvanized steel lends strength and style to this timeless symbol of faith. angel wings scentsy warmer
Amber Glow Warmer
Amber Glow Warmer To create the organically-shaped accents, real leaves are harvested and then individually electroplated for a beautiful gold finish. And that means no two are exactly alike! amber glow scentsy warmer
Amber Fluted Shade Warmer
Amber Fluted Shade Warmer Rich amber glass with a bronze interior, dappled by flecks of soft light. amber fluted shade scentsy warmer
Alabaster Warmer
Alabaster Warmer The look of chiseled alabaster — brought to life by a quiet, ethereal glow — will lend a simple sophistication to any space. Wattage: 25W Finish: Glow Dimensions: 6" alabaster scentsy warmer