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No! You only order the products when customers order from you. You can be very successful by just showing the products that come with your starter kit if you want. You'll also be able to earn Free and discounted products from party orders that you personally enter. Additionally, many consultants have never hosted parties and make thousands of dollars monthly from their Internet sales. This business is very flexible and cost effective.
Any event can become a party. Have a friend host a Home Party, Basket Party, Scent Event (catalog party with small scent samples your hostess can take to work, Bunko, Bowling, Family gatherings, etc.) and collect orders and re-orders. Fairs, Expos, School Holiday Stores, etc. Your Scentsy Handbook has complete information as does our Team Site. You may Not sell Scentsy products through retail establishments, Ebay or online auctions.
Absolutely! We'll personally train you. we'll make sure you're ready for your first party and answer any questions you have after that and we help you with organizing and placing your orders. We send our team monthly newsletter, have weekly training/information webinars, and all the person-to-person training you need. Scentsy also has corporate led trainings, meetings, conventions, etc.
Read the handbook as soon as you sign up. It's available in the Business Builders section of our Team Training site and under the resources tab in your Scentsy online workstation. It answers most of your basic questions but you can always call us. Another source for answers is the Scentsy Forum available through your consultant workstation. Check it for postings on a topic you're interested in. News updates are also posted from the company on your Scentsy consultant workstation. If you can't reach us or others in our up-line, and you haven't found what you're looking for, make a quick call to Scentsy at 1-877-855-0617
Online sales and reorders are a big part of our business. You can subscribe to a Scentsy sponsored website so clients can order and reorder whenever it's convenient for them. Your website subscription is free for the first three months after you sign up and $10 a month after that. If you choose to create a website that is not sponsored by Scentsy, there are certain restrictions. See the Policy and Procedures manual for complete information. Newsletter - You'll also receive a free Scentsy newsletter for clients (I Make News) that Scentsy creates and sends to your list of clients through once a month emails. You just set up the email list in the Newsletter Management section of your consultant workstation and upload your contacts.
Twice a year in March and September. Consultants can purchase the new catalogs and scent samples in February and August when the new and discontinued products are announced.
Business supplies (catalogs, order forms, scent samples, generic business cards and invitations) are available to order through your Scentsy consultant workstation.

Marketing Materials (custom business cards, invitations, banners, clothing, pens, buttons, yard signs, etc.) are available through Scentsy Family store. This site is run by Ann Dalton Design and is an approved retailer of marketing materials for Scentsy and is now incorporated via your Scentsy Workstation.

Fliers for monthly specials are available to download and print in the Business Builders section of your consultant workstation.

Create your own - If you'd like, you can make your own fliers, invitations, etc., just get approval from Scentsy before printing and distributing (
Well, I currently have consultants all across the US and working to expand into different countries. Because I work my business full time I am available to answer questions either online or over the phone, sometimes even better, than a local sponsor who works their business part or even full-time can do. PLEASE, feel free to call me and ask  questions to see what you think. Interview us!
Yes! You have the potential to hit shooting star for each brand that sign up for. Shooting start is obtaining $500 or more in PRV with in the first 15 days. Each brand has its own shooting star enhancement kit. This kit is valued at way more than you pay for it! Its another opportunity to expand and grow your business.
You sign up through my Scentsy Website. Just click on the JOIN tab and away you go!

Follow the instructions and, once you've agreed to the terms and conditions, filled out all of your information and picked a name for your personal website and paid for your starter kit, a consultant number will be assigned to you. Scentsy will then contact you through email and give you a URL for your personal Scentsy website where customers can begin ordering. We will also send you a Welcome letter within 24hrs which will give you the password to our Team Site, instructions on how to enter your Scentsy Workstation and much, much more!

***Consider qualifying for the Shooting Star Enhancement Kit. To qualify you have 15 days from the day you sign up to place an order or orders totaling $500. It includes 2 full size Scentsy Warmers(value $60), 1 Premium Full Size Scentsy Warmer($35), 2 Mid-Size Scentsy Warmers($50), 5 Scentsy Bars($20), Plug-in Scentsy Warmers($20), 3 Scents Circles($9), 3 Scentsy Solid Perfumes($52),1 round Scentsy warmer stand($10), and 1 mini tester set with case($25). for $200 (that's 30% off!). Once you sell them for the full retail price, your starter kit will have paid for itself, you'll earn commissions on your purchase and you'll have money in your pocket!