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Clove & Cinnamon Scentsy Bar

$6.00 each Brand: ScentsyScentsy

Product Description:

Made of high-quality paraffin wax for long-lasting fragrance, Scentsy Bars are composed of eight break-apart cubes designed to use with any Scentsy Warmer. As the cubes melt, they fill your space with our exclusive scents, inspiring imagination and memories. Safe to use — no wick, flame, smoke or soot. Made in Idaho, USA. Net wt 2.6 oz.

Classic scent of cinnamon sticks fused with cloves.

Fragrance Ingredients:

clove leaf oil, cinnamaldehyde, cinnamon leaf oil, ceylon, benzyl benzoate, eugenol, cassia bark oil, alpha-methylcinnamaldehyde, coumarin, alpha-phellandrene, butylated hydroxytoluene, eugenyl acetate, orange peel oil, sweet, clove leaf oil terpenes, nutmeg oil, cuminaldehyde, orange oil terpenes, gamma-terpinene, alpha-terpineol, a-pinene, 4-carvomenthenol, terpinolene, beta pinene, alpha-terpinene, 2-methoxy-4-methylphenol (creosol), isoeugenol, delta-3-carene

Brand URL : https://meltmyscents.scentsy.us/shop/p/sb-cnc/clove-and-cinnamon-scentsy-bar?queryId=e3d7114869f8b9b2a62613bdbddb7b70