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Scentsy Independent Consultant

Buddies for Comfort Drive - Brighton, CO


Scentsy Family's 3 Core Values are Authenticity, Simplicity & Generosity. As Scentsy consultants, giving back to the community is one of the most rewarding parts of the business. SuperStar Director Aspen Calhoun & I wanted to help out our local EMT's fill their ambulances with Scentsy Buddies to give to children for comfort. After a personal experience needing the help of our local EMT's; we learned they were running very low on their donations, some ambulances not having any stuffed animals at all. 


Do you know someone in the United Kingdom who would benefit from wickless candles? That's right! You can send your loved ones in the United Kingdom a full size warmer and two Scentsy bars for €49! It has never been easier to share your passion of Scentsy with family and friends in another country! 

With over 80 different scents and warmers you are bound to find the perfect gift for anyone in the UK!!

Do you know someone who would benefit from selling Scentsy in the UK? We can make this happen too! Scentsy is just getting started in the UK and several other countries around the world!! 

Give the opportunity of a life time to a family member or friend! Contact me today for more details about buying, selling or hosting a party in the United Kingdom!

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The following items will be discontinued as of September 1st 2012. If you see your favorite warmer or scent this is the perfect month to purchase it!! 10% off most items in our catalog including our items that will be discontinued.



Want to earn even big rewards? Try hosting a party to earn free Scentsy product and other gifts!!


Check out our list of discontinued items below:

Occasionally we come across people who believe that Scentsy is a pyramid scheme. We wanted to clear this up, we often 


hear that: "if you have to recruit a down-line" that this is considered a pyramid scheme. This is not the truth, this is call network marketing. Network marketing is a legitimate business activity, while pyramid selling is not.


Pyramid Schemes(or Ponzi schemes) encourage and reward people for recruiting when there is little or no value in the products and services. They are illegal because they entice the unwary, unwitting, and unwise into a scheme that will most likely lose them money. -Mary Christensen


Any scheme that encourages participants to buy large amount of product (called front end loading), which usually end up in basements and garages unsold, is considered a pyramid.


Pyramid Schemes tempt greedy, lazy and naive people with high commissions and bonuses which is often based on how much product is bought at the entry level....if it seems to good to be true, it probably is.




Looking for 800,000 more consultants to help the Scentsy Family reach its maximum potential!! Did you know that the Scentsy Family is just getting started? There are only a couple hundred thousand consultants right now, to reach our full potential we will need to recruit at least another 800,000 active consultants to spread the word of Scentsy and other Scentsy Family Brands!! 


With this economy you have the potential to lose your job at anytime. Job security these days is only guaranteed for certain jobs. Companies are looking to ship jobs overseas or down south to try to save money. Why worry about losing your job when you don't have to? 

Caleb and a Scentsy BuddyPsychology is the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, esp. those affecting behavior in a given context. Psychology gives us an insight in how the mind works, especially in regards to recall. The ability to recall information, events or memories relies on all five of our senses and how strong those sense are interpreted play a role in how well you remember these things. The more senses you use in any situation the better you will be able to recall that from memory. The strongest of our senses is our sense of smell. 


Scentsy tries to recreate scents and create new scents that will help build or recall old memories. Things like Sugar cookie, where it might remind you of visiting grandmas house in the summer, or fresh cut grass* which could bring back the memory of the first time your kids learned to ride a bike. 

9th Annual Orthodox Food Festival 

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Orthodox food festival food


Orthodox Dance

Come join us at the 9th annual orthodox Food festival on Saturday July 14th from 11am to 9:30pm or on Sunday, July 15th from 11am to 5pm.


It is free to get in!! Come sample the cuisine from Russia, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine, Eritrea, Greece and Mexico. Enjoy the free live music and dance entertainment. They will have crafts and many activities for children and adults! Tour the historical landmarks of the Orthodox church or browse the many gift booths.




Scentsy Awards



Scentsy, Inc. awarded the 2012 DSA Ethos Award for Excellence in Salesforce Development

The Direct Selling Association awarded Scentsy, Inc. the 2012 ETHOS Award for Salesforce Development. Scentsy, Inc. was recognized in the subcategory of Business Training and the overall category of Salesforce Development for Spring Sprint. The DSA ETHOS Award recognize programs that exemplify the best of direct selling and help define it as a business that helps people live better lives.


Don't forget July is Bring Back My Bar month for Scentsy!

After tallying nearly 4 million votes as part of this season’s Bring Back My Bar, we’ve selected 20 of the most missed fragrances to bring out of retirement for one month! With bright florals, invigorating fruits, and rich notes of tropical spice, these scents are sure to awaken memories of long, lovely summers gone by. And now, you have a chance to bring them back and savor each precious moment all over again. 

July Host Rewards 

Get the Most When You Host: Looking for another reason to host a Scentsy Party?


These gifts inspired by the Strata warmer will make a great addition to your home decor. Hosting a party in the month of July could earn you not only free Scentsy, 1/2 priced Scentsy, but also up to 3 extra presents!! Hosting a party has never been easier! Simply pick a day and time. We will come to your house setup and spread the word of Scentsy to all your friends and family. You can earn Scentsy products with little to no effort on your part, the best part is the more sales your party has the presents you get to take home with you. The more people you invite to your party, the more people who fall in love with Scentsy products, and the more Host Rewards you earn! Even if some of your invited guests can’t make it, you can collect their orders before your party and count them toward your Host Rewards.