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The new meltmyscents blog will bring you updates and information that will better your understanding of our products. We wish to share all our knowledge and love for Scentsy with you!

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We have your answer!

For those of you who have never heard of “Scentsy” before, let me fill you in on what you’re missing:


Meltmyscents are a safe alternative to scented candles! Our Warmers melt and warm the wax releasing the fragrance into the air which means – NO BURNING. This makes your home safer for you, your family and pets.  logoWith Scentsy you say goodbye to soot for good!

With over 40 Candle Warmers (Full and Mid Size), 20 Plug-ins and 80 different scents to buy, we have something for everyone. We have an ever growing list of Scentsy Candle Products!  Additionally, we’ve got some Fragrances on the Go as well such as our NEW Scentsy Buddies, Scent Pak, Fragrance Foam, Room Spray, Scent Circles and our Travel Tins! Scentsy is also a fantastic company to represent!

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Scensty January Scent Of The Month: Linger



 Scentsy December 2011 Scent of the Month: Comfort and Joy

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