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It's official! I can FINALLY share what Scentsy will be launching into next:

Sincerely Scent Online Card Store

On March 1, Scentsy will launch an innovative product line extension: an online greeting card store featuring over 150 original, customizable, SCENTED greeting cards. You and your customers will be able to order cards online and have them delivered to the recipients' addresses without buying stamps or going to the post office. You can 77personalize cards with a customized message, your favorite photo, a digital signature, AND a scent sample from the Scentsy Favorites collection. That's right--each card will be mailed with a sample infused with Scentsy fragrance, allowing the recipient to experience Scentsy as soon as they open the envelope. There are cards for every occasion, from birthdays and anniversaries to holidays. Cards can be ordered through my website. Cards are purchased with credits, which are available in bundles  of 10, 25, or 100. One card equals one credit, and includes postage. Each card costs $2.85 (USD) / $3.82 (CAD).


Layers by Scentsy

On March 1, we will also launch our second product line extension for Spring/Summer 2012: 
Layers by Scentsy
--personal AND laundry care products infused with your favorite 76Scentsy fragrances and custom-designed for Scentsy. We worked with the best suppliers in the industry to bring you personal care products you will LOVE.  With Layers by Scentsy you can create a fragrance experience that is uniquely yours, and layer your life with fragrance. 

There are nine Layers by Scentsy products--eight new ones, plus Scentsy Solid Perfume.

New personal care products include: Shower Gel, Shower Cream, Body Lotion, Body Butter, Hand Cream, and Body Spray. In addition to world-class personal care products, two new laundry care products allow you to extend your Scentsy experience to your clothes. Washer Whiffs is a perfume for your laundry. Simply add it to the wash cycle with your detergent to scent your clothes. Then, toss your laundry into the dryer and add a Dryer Disk. The Dryer Disk is made of plastic infused with fragrance that has anti-static properties. It will scent up to 15 loads of laundry.

We will launch with six fragrances for new personal care products and up to six fragrances for laundry care products. Personal care product prices range from $6 (USD) / $7 (CAD) for Hand Cream to $18 (USD) / $21 (CAD) for Solid Perfume. Laundry care product pricing is being finalized. PRV will follow the same schedule as other non-licensed Scentsy products.  

Layers by Scentsy is an extension of our existing Scentsy product offering. It is not a new brand, but it does have its own sales brochure that will be available on your Workstation as a free download, or through Scentsy Success beginning February 15. 


And now for a completely new brand, and an incredible party experience!

Velata, a Scentsy, Inc. Brand

On May 1, Scentsy will launch Velata, a fun, easy-to-use, and absolutely DELICIOUS fondue experience.


You already know that warmers + wax = a simple system. With Velata, warmers + CHOCOLATE = a simple, incredible, EDIBLE party experience. 75


Scentsy flew to Belgium and met with the oldest and most prestigious chocolate manufacturers. We selected the highest quality, purest chocolate that would melt perfectly and taste divine. We will launch with velvety milk chocolate, creamy white chocolate, decadent dark chocolate, and indulgent caramel milk chocolate. Velatachocolate will come in convenient 6-ounce pouches with pour spouts. Simply microwave, pour into the Velata dish, dip your favorite foods, and enjoy.


There are 14 Velata fondue warmers to choose from that range from contemporary to traditional design. Velata fondue warmers use the same technology as other Scentsy warmers. Simply plug them in and their 25-watt bulbs will keep Velata chocolate at the perfect temperature. Velata fondue warmers will sell for $40 (USD) / $48 (CAD); chocolates will sell for $7 (USD) / $8 (CAD). 


The difference between Velata fondue warmers and Scentsy warmers lies in the silicone dish. It's a simple dish that has a patent-pending technology to keep the chocolate at exactly the right temperature. A metal plate wrapped in silicone absorbs the heat from the 25-watt bulb. The silicone keeps the heat from escaping, prevents the chocolate from scorching, and can go from the refrigerator to the microwave to the dishwasher with ease. You can't do that with a fondue tower, or a traditional fondue pot!

Picture a quick, delicious, family-fun night. Or a romantic date night with decadent treats. Or the "grab some chocolate and a warmer" addition to a potluck. Just imagine the possibilities!