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For those of you who have never heard of “Scentsy” before, let me fill you in on what you’re missing:


Meltmyscents are a safe alternative to scented candles! Our Warmers melt and warm the wax releasing the fragrance into the air which means – NO BURNING. This makes your home safer for you, your family and pets.  logoWith Scentsy you say goodbye to soot for good!

With over 40 Candle Warmers (Full and Mid Size), 20 Plug-ins and 80 different scents to buy, we have something for everyone. We have an ever growing list of Scentsy Candle Products!  Additionally, we’ve got some Fragrances on the Go as well such as our NEW Scentsy Buddies, Scent Pak, Fragrance Foam, Room Spray, Scent Circles and our Travel Tins! Scentsy is also a fantastic company to represent!

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Just break off a piece of your Scentsy Candle Bar and place it on top of one of your favorite Scentsy Candle Warmers, turn it on and our 25 watt light bulbs will warm the wax and warm the scent of your choice releasing our powerful and long lasting fragrances into your home, office, dorm room, etc.

A secret combination of ingredients is used to create a pool of melted wax, which is transformed into a wickless candle bar. Only the finest scented oils are hand-picked to give an array of aromas. The melted wax is poured into reusable containers for easy storage. Our wax is allergen free and does not contain soy.

When you Buy Scentsy you’ll no longer leave your home thinking, “Did I blow out the candle before I left?”  Our Scentsy Warmer never gets too hot to pose the threat of fire. Our Warmer is safe to have around children and pets and, our children each have a warmer of their choice in their room which doubles as their night lights!

Plug it in, turn it on and… walk away. Its that simple!


  • Incredible Fragrance and Outstanding Quality! – You will not find a stronger Scented Candle Warmer on the market today. Our wax is packed with as much aromatic fragrance as possible to give you an experience unlike any other!
  • Lead-free and wickless – None of the nasty soot released in the air like most scented candles
  • 100% Fragrance!! – This means that our candles are as fragrant at the bottom as they are at the top. Every inch of our candle wax is fragranced.
  • Cool Burning Wax – If you are concerned about burning candles with small children around – don’t be. Scentsy candle warmers are heated with a low watt bulb that doesn’t allow the wax or warmer to go above 110 degrees. If spilled on skin, our wax will be warm but, it Will Not burn you!
  • Longer Burning. Scentsy Candle Bars will burn up to 3 times longer than other Jarred Scented Candles.
  • Outstanding Selection – During any given season, we features 80 different fragrances in various scent categories. Our wide array of fragrances and types of scented candle bars allow even the most finicky candle critic to find their perfect fragrance!
  • Great Price – Save Money- Great quality does not always have to come with a high price tag. You will find the highest quality candle at the lowest possible prices!
  • Outstanding Quality – Scentsy Candles was founded with the goal of creating “The World’s Safest and longest lasting” scented candle. Today, we continue to meet this goal.


You can only Buy Scentsy from an Indepedent Scentsy Consultant.  I am based in the Denver Colorado area but we have customers, as well as consultants who’ve joined our Scentsy team, all over the United States!  I would be honored to be your Scentsy Consultants!  I give my customers FREE Samples, chances to win FREE Scentsy, offer special deals such as FREE Shipping when you call in your order to me and extra FREE Stuff depending the size of your orders!  You don’t need a local consultant to receive fantastic, quick service.  Try me out!  I dare you to find better customer service!

Please contact us to let us know if you would like to Buy Scentsy, Get your FREE Catalog, Join Scentsy or  Host a Party or Fundraiser!