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•No. 1 - Our wax is a paraffin based wax.
This means it emits NO TOXINS in the air and is actually food grade. It only emits fragrance - It’s VERY SAFE.

•No. 2 - You do not “burn” the wax - you WARM it.
The problem with your non scentsy warmer and my legit warmers is that ours have specialty bulbs with low wattages to not heat up the wax TOO HOT. Our bulbs’s heat our wax to the PERFECT TEMP - everytime!!

•No 3. - Our warmers have a LIFETIME warranty!
The most legit thing Scentsy offers . . . If your SCENTSY warmer stops working - just let me know and I’ll snag you a new one COMPLETELY FREE!!!

•No 4. Our wax will not BURN YOU!!
SOOOO many wax spills over the years here…It’s all good!

No burn and safe wax! 
So while the flicker of a flame is pretty ... candles are NOT safe! They emit so many toxins into your house - furniture - AND lungs. This is the BEST fragrance you can have for your home and it’s made in Idaho!