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DEFCB314 C06E 4A16 A837 159D29691E44The two final members of our fabulous Glam Buddy Collection are here to complete the set — Frilly the Fox and Snazzy the Swan!
Frilly the Fox
Frilly the Fox is a fabulous snuggle buddy and the fifth member of our Glam Buddy Collection.

Snazzy the Swan
Snazzy the Swan is a fabulous snuggle buddy and the sixth and final member of our Glam Buddy Collection

Plus, their glamorous friends are coming out of the vault to join them:FC344ABF 8156 4472 A542 C8C187B26912
Posh the Poodle
Proper and pink, Posh the Poodle is a pup that appreciates the finer things in life. You’ll fall in love with her textured fur, shiny silver paws and elegant bow

Spiffy the Sloth  
With his dapper bowtie and silver paws, Spiffy the Sloth always looks sharp. And his soft fur and sparkling eyes make him a snuggable companion for any occasion!

Dazzle the UnicornDazzle the Unicorn 
With sparkling eyes, soft fur and other shimmering features, Dazzle the Unicorn is the best snuggable companion, and the third member of our Glam Buddy Collection.

Lovely the Llama
With shimmery accents and twinkly eyes, Lovely the Llama is the best snuggle buddy and the fourth member of our Glam Buddy Collection.

And we’re offering bundles of any two Glam Buddies for $40 — the Dashing Duo Bundle!