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Scentsy New WarmersScentsy Warmers to fit any Decor

Scentsy Warmers are a beautiful and safe way to enjoy amazing fragrance with our premium-quality Scentsy Bars.

Scentsy warmers come in all shapes and sizes. We have warmers to fit your decor or style. We can assist you in finding the perfect warmer for your home, business, or any place you wish to enjoy Scentsy products.

Scentsy Warmers 

Decor to fit your lifestyle

From bedrooms to bathrooms and laundry rooms, we have a warmer that will fit right in. Our wide range of warmers include plug-in warmers, element warmers, and warmers that use light bulbs.

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Element Warmers

Element Warmers use a warming pad to melt Scentsy wax. These warmers do not have a lighting component and are perfect as a display piece within a living room, kitchen, or bedroom for those who like to keep it dark while they sleep. 

Mini Warmers

Are smaller warmers, great for bathrooms and smaller rooms. These warmers can be plugged into the wall directly or to a base that sits on a counter or shelf. These warmers use a 15 watt light bulb to melt the wax. Great for use as a night light or to provide ambience to a bedroom.

Full Size Warmers

These warmers utilize a light bulb to melt and illuminate a room with a candle like ambience. These warmers are for larger rooms, these warmers will hold more wax. Melting more wax allows the fragrance to become stronger and dispurse a larger area.


No matter the room, place, or location Scentsy has a warmer for you. There are many different ways to style your home or business with the use of our warmers. Let us help you find your perfect warmer!

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