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Join Scentsy in Sepetember 2022 for only $22!!

There are so many amazing reasons to join Scentsy — from world-class events to lifelong friendships

Joining Scentsy is a great oppertunity to work your own hours and sell or recruit as much or as little as you want. As your sponsor it would be an honor to help you start you and guide you on your journey!

Some of the perks that are included when you join:

  • Scentsy Work station: This allows you to recieve market material, view order, place orders, and provides online training
  • Scentsy.us Website: The first 3 months you recieve a custom url Scentsy page. You can send your customers here to purchase online from your scentsy store
  • Starter Kit: This kit gives you everything you need to start your business, from testers to order forms
  • There is so much more!!! Contact me today to find out how you can start your busienss

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