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Vote Now for your Favorite Retired Bars!

From March 1st Through March 8th you can vote for your favorite retired Scentsy Bars. Choose one or several of your favorite scents. The top 25 bars will be brought back during the month of June.

Winning bars will be announced on March 23rd. Vote once or come back and vote multiple times.

Tell your friends to also vote! This is your chance to get those favorite bars.

Vote for your favorite bar!

Want to know a secret? These retired bars will only be available for the month of June, BUT....if it just happens to be or become your favorite scent you can sign up for our Scentsy Club!
Once you have enrolled your favorite bar in Scentsy Club you will be able to receive it even if it is no longer available for purchase in our catalog!

Learn More About Scentsy Club