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 “ Fragrance connects us to our emotions, to our memories  and to each other.” — Heidi Thompson

What is Scentsy Fragrance?

Scentsy fragrances are designed for every special and ordinary moment, because we understand that the true power of scent is its ability to bring people together. We want our fragrances to Warm the Heart, Enliven the Senses and Inspire the Soul! We use only the best ingredients, responsibly sourced and expertly processed, to create our signature fragrances — and Scentsy fans the world over are OBSESSED. Here’s why:
Our fragrances are complex.
Each Scentsy fragrance is composed of 30 to 60 unique ingredients to create beautifully layered scents that unfold over time.

Our fragrances are personal.
Our fragrance design team thoughtfully and lovingly creates new fragrances to help people connect with their emotions, their memories and each other. We analyze industry trends and our own sales data to ensure we’re offering what customers want most from season to season. We also offer an incredible variety to make sure everyone can find something to love.

Our fragrances are long-lasting.
Our Scentsy Bars are made with a custom, high-quality paraffin wax blend designed to give you long-lasting fragrance because of its ability to hold the most fragrance oil. It also has a low melting point, which means it doesn’t  take much heat to release its fragrance, and it remains firm when not exposed to heat.

Our fragrances are safe.
We use a combination of natural and synthetic ingredients, because not every scent can be created naturally or sustainably. (Have you ever tried to harvest fresh air?) But we only use SAFE ingredients, so only good things come from experiencing our fragrances — like love, joy and connection.
Composition of fragrance oils
        Fragrances can be made up of natural or synthetic ingredients. Most contain both.

Ingredients used can be:
Essential oil:
      The “essence” of plants obtained by distilling plant material. Plant materials include flowers, grass, stems, seeds, leaves, roots, bark, fruits, tree moss and tree resin.

      Materials obtained directly from plants.

      Manufactured materials. In most cases, the molecular structure of synthetic materials used in perfumery is identical to natural plant material.A perfumer’s palette has as many as 5,000 different ingredients from which to create fragrance formulas.

Why not all natural?
      Because not every fragrance can or should be simulated with natural ingredients! Synthetic ingredients ensure the character of the fragrance remains consistent over time, and they help eliminate sustainability and environmental concerns. Two examples: Musk originally came from musk deer, which are endangered. And the quality of crops like rose, lavender or citrus can vary based on factors like precipitation and temperature.

Ingredients vs. impression
    A fragrance that smells nutty might contain zero nuts — it’s the combination of ingredients that create that smell. Descriptions call out the fragrance’s impression, not necessarily its ingredients. It’s all about what you smell.
Proudly made in Meridian, Idaho, USACapture
Structure of Fragrance Design
Why do some fragrances last longer than others?
There are many factors to consider, like a scent’s ingredients, your preferred fragrance intensity and the environment where you warm your favorite bar. Everything from room size to the humidity and temperature of the area, even the type of flooring, plays a role in fragrance strength and longevity. But rest assured that each and every fragrance is expert-tested to ensure premium quality and the longest possible experience, from citrus to spice.

It’s complicated
Because our fragrances are so complex, most could be categorized twice. You could have a fruity floral fragrance or a fruity green. Just because a fragrance is classified as a floral, doesn’t mean it’s straight-up floral. You’re also smelling other components that are part of that fragrance experience.
Fragrance Families

Finding your fragrance
If you know what category your favorite scent comes from, chances are you will like another scent from that same family. 
Fragrance Famliesfamillies
 Safe scents

We love good fragrance, and we love people more. We pride ourselves on offering quality products — we wouldn’t dare risk the health and wellness  of our families, Consultants, customers and fans.
If you’re ever wondering about the safety of Scentsy fragrance, here’s what you need to know:
 PictureFragrance is powerful!

Fragrance makes us feel. It helps us remember. It takes our breath away. Many Scentsy fragrances are actually inspired by real-life memories. Our perfumers often try to recapture the bliss of a vacation or the sweetness of childhood as they design a new scent, in the hopes that it will bring back familiar feelings and memories for you, too.
That’s the power of Scentsy fragrance!