YOUR CONSULTANT IS: Anna & Philip Blais

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Scentsy Independent Consultant

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                            Thank you for taking the time to read my story...
I was first introduced to Scentsy in November 2009. I had a basket party before Christmas for a friend and instantly fell in love with the simplicity of the product. My husband Philip also loved the products since the candles were wick free. After my party, and I got all my stuff and I was hooked. I decided to join in February 2010 when my son Caleb was 6 weeks old. At first I didn’t do much with my Scentsy business other than host a few parties for myself so I could earn the rewards and commission. That summer, convention was in Denver and my sponsor, who is also one of my best friend’s was coming out for it. She talked me into going and together we experienced our 1st Scentsy convention! We realized Scentsy was so much more than wax & warmers. I left convention setting new goals for myself. My 1st goal was to make enough money to make my car payment. Plus I wanted to earn a little extra for spending cash for our family. I knew I could do that by just having 1-2 parties a month; that was a lot better than working the 2-3 shifts a week at Chili's where I was a server. Once I started setting goals for myself, it became really easy to reach them. I was so excited to share the Scentsy experience with everyone; I started growing my Scentsy team!

FamilyIn early August 2011, convention was in Ft. Worth, Texas. I was a Star consultant with 13 people on my team. That summer, my husband was able to take leave and attend convention with me. While there, he saw the potential Scentsy could offer our family, and together we started making new goals for my Scentsy business. My #1 goal was to hit Director by December and have 50 people on my team. At the end of August, only 3 weeks after convention, I had reached Director and had a team of 24. I ended 2011 with 62 people on my team and reached all my goals I had set for the year. My husband has been my biggest support and is a big part of my business! Since then, we now have new goals for OUR Scentsy Family business. Philip has 9 years left in his military career. Our goal is when he retires, Scentsy will be his only job. Together, we will work our Scentsy Family business. We'll work it around our family, but the best part, we'll be working it together. 

ThanksScentsyThanks to Scentsy we have been able to travel to so many places we wouldn’t have been able to before. In January 2012 we went to Rivera Maya, Mexico on the Director's Leadership Retreat. That same month, I went to South Carolina, North Carolina & Virginia for Scentsy’s Spring Sprint stops on the east coast. June 2012 we went on our 1st FREE all exclusive paid vacation to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, and then in July 2012 we went to Las Vegas for convention, & in October 2012 I had the opportunity to attend Director's Boot Camp at Scentsy’s Main Office in Meridian, ID. In May 2013, I attended my 2nd FREE incentive trip in New York City, staying at the Waldorf Astoria and also visited Indianapolis for the Scentsy Family Reunion in July. I’ll be going to Cancun, Mexico in January on a FREE trip to the Moon Palace Resort for the Scentsy Family Leadership Retreat. I am also in the process of working towards next year’s incentive trip! We are working towards two different incentives: The first one is the Scentsy Family Odyssey Incentive; a fully funded trip to Greece. 100 of the top earners will have the opportunity to travel to and tour around Athens, and they will get to bring a guest with them! The second one is the Scentsy Family Atlantis Incentive which is a week vacation (5 days, 4 nights) to Paradise Island in the Bahamas at the Atlantis Resort. There will be 1,700 people brought to this location by Scentsy and it will be well worth it! There are many entertaining attractions including a spa, “Madison Avenue style shopping”, beaches, pools, amazing food and an amazing Water Park!The best part of these trips -- getting to spend it with some of my closest friends; most of them friends that we wouldn't get to see otherwise since we are all stationed in different areas of the United States now. 

My motivation & love for this company and all it does for its consultants grows every day. I am in love with an amazing high quality product that literally sells itself time after time; and three companies that continue to contribute more than it takes. I am still amazed at how a small company that started just nine short years ago has changed so many lives; including mine! I have grown so much as a person and leader. In a time of trial and economic downfall; Scentsy remains a shining star; growing and setting a new standard every day. The company continues to present new and exciting opportunity through adding sister companies, and becoming a Scentsy Family. We now have Scentsy Fragrance w/ Sincerely Scent, Velata, and Grace Adele. 

My journey is just beginning and I encourage anyone who has even thought about joining to not make excuses to wait until tomorrow, next week, or next month. Your opportunity is knocking! Open the door, and let me help you do it! I am proof that it is possible the sky is truly the limit, reach for it with me! 

Your journey begins today....