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BC2One of the #1 reasons I love being a part of the Scentsy Family, are the owners Orville Thompson & Heidi Thompson.They run their business by always standing behind their morals, values, and their Scentsy Family!! While they train their employees very well, situations that they would not approve or agree with can happen; and unfortunately it did. But when it's brought to Heidi & Orville's attention; they WILL take action!

Hearing about this issue that another consultant went through with a consultant support employee, is very upsetting.
I am so sorry this email was sent to Wendy Chasek, but I am VERY happy (and not surprised) that Orville and Heidi are making an effort to rectify it.

AuthenticitySimplicity & Generosity are Scentsy's Core Values; and their values begin with the 2 of the most compassionate leaders in the DSA industry that I know. I stand tall and proud behind Scensty as an Independent Director, and nothing will ever sway or change the best business decision I ever made in my life. Thank You Heidi & Orville for everything you do for us selflessly everyday!!

An important message from Heidi and Orville regarding the post by Scentsy ConsultantWendy Chasek:

One of our Consultant Experience representatives sent a response last night to a Consultant, Wendy Chasek, in regards to the cancellation of her account.
She told Scentsy she was unable to actively pursue her business because of breast cancer. The representative replied with a form letter stating her circumstances should not affect her ability to run her business.
Please understand we do not stand behind the response that was given to her. It does not represent our policy, and more importantly, our values. The employee in question has been terminated, and Heidi and I have personally called the Consultant to apologize. In addition to terminating the employee, we have reached out to Wendy to reinstate her account. We’ll respect her decision if she no longer wants to continue her relationship with Scentsy.
We deeply apologize to Wendy, her family, and our fans. We understand the responsibility we have to always act with the highest standards of compassion and care, and in this case we failed to live up to those standards.

Scentsy is a VERY caring company. Each catalog season, they pick an organization to donate 100% of their profits from a warmer or Scentsy buddy that honors the cause. Breast cancer was Scentsy's 2nd cause warmer during the Fall/Winter 2010 season. Scentsy partnered with the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) to join the fight against breast cancer.

“Whether it’s a mother, sister, friend, or their own personal battle, many of our Scentsy employees and Consultants have been affected by breast cancer,” said Heidi Thompson, president of Scentsy and co-owner with her husband, Orville Thompson. “We wanted to show our support by helping to fight this horrible disease. The ‘Love, Life, Hope’ Cause Warmer honors NBCF and all those affected by breast cancer. It gives hope to those who are struggling now and to those who have lost a loved one to this disease.”

Here is a video of Scentsy donating over $600,000 to the National Breast Cancer Fondation. Scentsy is a company that cares, and their actions prove it.  {youtube}vA9rJbNuB_Y{/youtube}