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Scentsy Independent Consultant
Why I Love My Scentsy Family Business Candy
✿ It’s simple
✿ It’s fun
✿ It’s affordable ($99-$199) to start
✿ I don’t have to stock inventory
✿ I am the boss of me!
✿ I can’t get fired
✿ I can put my family first and still get a paycheck
✿ It’s consumable and people love it so they want more
✿ I work from home
✿ I set my own hours
✿ I get paid to go to parties
✿ I have made so many new friends
✿ I can earn free vacations (2014 Greece, Atlantis or St Louis)
✿ There is amazing growth potential
✿ They have a great compensation plan
✿ They are an award winning Direct Sales Company
✿ I receive great support and training
✿ I can choose to sell multiple brands with the addition of Velata and Grace Adele
✿ I can build a team with multiple brands under one compensation plan even if I don’t sell all brands
✿ I can build a team domestically and internationally (United States, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Australia, Mexico, Poland, France)
✿ Scentsy believes in contributing more than you take
✿ My children can earn scholarships to help pay for college through the Scentsy Family Foundation
✿ Scentsy donates to worthy charitable causes (Sunshine Kids Foundation, Breast Cancer Foundation, American Heart Association, Autism Speaks, Special Olympics, Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research, The Mission Continues)

Have you EVER THOUGHT about being a Scentsy Consultant??

August and February are 2 of the BEST months to join because you get ENHANCED starter kits!! I DARE you to just TRY this business for 6 months! At least earn some extra money through the holidays. What do you have to lose? The money it cost for you to start? You will earn that back in your first party! www.MeltMyScents.com/Join

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