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Scentsy WarmerIn October of 2012 Walmart Canada recalled over 1,000 of their electronic fragrance warmers. These warmers are similar to Scentsy's wickless warmers except for the fact these warmers were catching on fire. 

Scentsy does extensive testing on all their warmers to ensure they are safe for long term use. 

Customers that have used the Walmart brand warmers have told us that the wax and warmer get extremely hot and they are afraid that it will burn their little ones or animals. The great thing about Scentsy warmers is they never get warmer than body temperature, this ensures the wax will never be hot enough to burn an individual or pet.

We encourage you to test out both Walmart's brand as well as Scentsy. Even though Walmart's brand may be Walmart Warmer Recalledcheaper up front, you will end up paying more in the long run due to the lack of quality they put into their warmers and wax.

One thing that we offer that Walmart doesn't, besides a better product, is customer service. We will take the time to find which warmers work for you and your decor, help you find the perfect scents for your home and taste, and ensure that you are happy with your purchase of Scentsy! We want you to love Scentsy as much as we do!

Do you have questions about which brand is right for you? Contact us today!  We will do our best to help figure out whats best for you!

Consumer Product Recalls

Recall Notice


October 12, 2012

Product Name

"Elegant Expressions"TM Electric Fragrance Warmer

Full Product Description

This recall involves various electric fragrance warmers under the brand name "Elegant Expressions"TM. This recall includes the following products:

Hosley Stock Number
Product Description
BS50868WC 04033850868 Square Electric Warmer Cream
BS50869WC 04033850869 Square Electric Warmer Brown
BS50870WC 04033850870 Square Electric Warmer Black
BS50871WC 04033850871 Round Electric Warmer Cream
BS50872WC 04033850872 Round Electric Warmer Brown
BS50873WC 04033850873 Round Electric Warmer Black
BS50874WC 040338508748 Scroll Electric Warmer Cream
BS50875WC 04033850875 Scroll Electric Warmer Red

Hazard Identified

If the electric warmer is used to heat other products, such as essential oils or liquids (including liquid potpourri), they could ignite, posing a risk of a fire hazard. This product should only be used for heating fragranced wax.

Hosley International Inc. has received one report of a consumer using liquid potpourri in these warmers. No injuries have been reported.

Health Canada has not received any reports of incidents or injuries related to the use of these electric fragrance warmers.


View the official recall here