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Looking for 800,000 more consultants to help the Scentsy Family reach its maximum potential!! Did you know that the Scentsy Family is just getting started? There are only a couple hundred thousand consultants right now, to reach our full potential we will need to recruit at least another 800,000 active consultants to spread the word of Scentsy and other Scentsy Family Brands!! 


With this economy you have the potential to lose your job at anytime. Job security these days is only guaranteed for certain jobs. Companies are looking to ship jobs overseas or down south to try to save money. Why worry about losing your job when you don't have to? 

With the Scentsy Family, you make this business successful. The best part about it is the fact you get to spend more time with your family instead of at work! Set your own schedule and be your own boss and start a legacy for you and your family!


Heidi and Orville, Scentsy Family Founders, have taken this company from a 2.5 billion dollar market to a 17 billion dollar market! With the introduction of these new brands. Scentsy Family has the potentially to be a fortune 500 company.


Lets break it down:


Candles 2.5 billion
Laundry Softener 1 Billion
Body Care 1.5 Billion
Greeting Cards 7.5 Billion (Coming September 1st)


You've heard of "ground floor opportunity" with many companies. Scentsy is going to have it ALL! Ready to join us on this wild ride? 


Want to learn more about Scentsy Family brands or how to join? Check out our Join Page or  email me today!