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Caleb and a Scentsy BuddyPsychology is the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, esp. those affecting behavior in a given context. Psychology gives us an insight in how the mind works, especially in regards to recall. The ability to recall information, events or memories relies on all five of our senses and how strong those sense are interpreted play a role in how well you remember these things. The more senses you use in any situation the better you will be able to recall that from memory. The strongest of our senses is our sense of smell. 


Scentsy tries to recreate scents and create new scents that will help build or recall old memories. Things like Sugar cookie, where it might remind you of visiting grandmas house in the summer, or fresh cut grass* which could bring back the memory of the first time your kids learned to ride a bike. 

We often have customers who tell us they don't like a particular scents and don't know why, it is possible that the scent is smellconnected to a bad or suppressed memory. It doesn't have to be something tragic but it could be related to events that were unfavorable. Customers also express their love for certain scents because it will bring up memories of loved ones who are no longer with them.


Scents play a huge role not only in memories but also in our attitudes. According to Linkoping University, certain smells can change your mood. Scents affect everyone differently, but certain scents can make you happy or put you in a fowl mood! 


Selecting the perfect scent for you has never been easier! Scentsy offers over 80 different scents which can aide in determining your mood or creating memories!


What scents will be right for you? Contact us today to book a home party, at a home party you can not only create great memories with your friends and family but you get to sample new scents which will only aide in making new memories and you will earn FREE Scensty products!!. We would be more than happy to help you find that perfect scent!



"Memory... is the diary that we all carry about with us." -Oscar Wilde


Anna Blais



*Fresh cut grass is a bring back my bar and is only avaliable during the month of July