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July Host Rewards 

Get the Most When You Host: Looking for another reason to host a Scentsy Party?


These gifts inspired by the Strata warmer will make a great addition to your home decor. Hosting a party in the month of July could earn you not only free Scentsy, 1/2 priced Scentsy, but also up to 3 extra presents!! Hosting a party has never been easier! Simply pick a day and time. We will come to your house setup and spread the word of Scentsy to all your friends and family. You can earn Scentsy products with little to no effort on your part, the best part is the more sales your party has the presents you get to take home with you. The more people you invite to your party, the more people who fall in love with Scentsy products, and the more Host Rewards you earn! Even if some of your invited guests can’t make it, you can collect their orders before your party and count them toward your Host Rewards.

Scentsy Host Rewards for July


Guest Sales (USD)Guest Sales (CAD)Credit Towards Free ProductHalf-Price ItemsHost Exclusive
$150 - $249$200 - $299 10% 1 n/a
$250 - $399$300 - $399 10% 2 1 Free Gift
$400 - $599$500 - $699 15% 3 2 Free Gifts
$600 - $999$700 - $1,199 15% 3 3 Free Gifts
$1,000 +$1,200 + 15% 4 3 Free Gifts


Don’t forget: For every guest at your Scentsy party who chooses to book their own Scentsy party, you receive an additional half-price item for attending their party! We call it the Perpetual Party Reward, and it’s just our way of saying “thanks.”