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Do you know someone who is expecting and don't know what to get the mamma-to-be? Scentsy has the perfect gifts for baby showers! 

Scentsy has a wide variety of cute warmers to match any nursery or little ones room but Scentsy's warmers also make great night lights.


CalebBuddyBuddies & Baby Buddies:
These adorable stuffed animals make the perfect cuddly companion, always ready with a big dose of comforting fragrance. Newborn Nersery & French Lavender Scent Paks are a Baby Shower favorite!

<-- My son Caleb when he was 6 month old with his first Scentsy Buddy. I gave it to him as soon as I came home from convention after Scentsy announced the release of them in July 2010

Fragrance Foam:
New moms & moms of toddlers are always washing their hands. Scentsy's fragrance foam is emollient-rich, lusiciously scented, and Alcohol-FREE! Scentsy's fragrance foam kills germs without drying hands.

Travel Tins & Scent Paks:
Both of these products work great for places that could use something small to help refresh a small space. Ex: Drawers, Diaper Bag, Bottom of Diaper Pale, Closet, Bottom of Laundry Basket, Gym Bag, Car or anywhere you would like a touch of Scentsy!

Solid Perfume:
These simple perfumes are easy to toss in a purse or diaper bag. These solid perfumes work with the warmth of your skin to create a captivating scents that is uniquely yours. Enjoy 10 amazing fragrances that lasts for hours; so you don't have to worry about reapplying. 

Body Butter:
The perfect solution for extra-dry elbows and knees. Scentsy's body butter contains moisturizing aloe vera & smoothing shea butter for instant relief. Also great for momma-to-be's growing bellies! 

Body Lotion & Hand Cream: 
Both packed with aloe vera, shea butter & other premium ingredients for a silky smooth experience that will wrap you in one of six enchanting Scentsy frangrances.

Shower Gel & Shower Cream
Sometimes the 10 minutes a mom gets to shower is the only alone time she gets, help her turn her daily shower into a pampering experience. 

Body Spray:
A light mist will help mom add a perfect touch of fragrance to her day.

Washer Wiffs & Dryer Disks
With a newborn in the house, usually that means everyone's laundry becomes fragrance free. Add a cup full of Washer Wiffs with detergent and enhance your laundry with Scentsy fragrance! Best results when used with fragrance-free laundry detergent, perfect with families of newborns or toddlers!!!