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Scentsy Candles and Warmers:

Scentsy Wickless Candles was just a small, family owned company just 8 short years ago and was based in a shipping container on a sheep farm. Today, Scentsy Wickless is a Multi-Million Dollar business and have built our own Business Campus headquartered in Meridian Idaho and…are introducing New Brands.  Buy Scentsy Wickless Products

What is Scentsy Group?

Scentsy is expanding and going where no direct selling company has gone before, hence the name –Scentsy Group. Scentsy Group will now be the Parent Company for ALL current and future Scentsy Brands and product lines.

Scentsy Wickless is all about Warmers, wickless candles, fragrances on the go, Scentsy Layers and Sincerely Scent… basically anything scented…you will LOVE Scentsy Wickless.

We’re introducing 2 New Brands this year and even more in the years to follow – that have nothing to do with wickless candles. We are so excited and can’t wait to see what the future brings for our Family, our Scentsy Team and business and the Scentsy Group.

Each New Scentsy Brand will fall under Scentsy Group but will be its own product line! Each new brand will be exciting and unique! If you would like to know more about each brand contact me today, I will be more than happy to help you with what ever you need.

Scentsy Wickless Products

  • Candle Warmers ~ We have Premium Warmers and Regular Full-Size and Mid-Size Warmers and Plug-in Warmers.  All are Electric and use specially designed Light Bulbs that help to ‘warm’ the scent out of the candle wax at the perfect temperature.
  • Specialty Warmer Collections ~ Silhouette Wrap Collection, Campus Collection and Patriot Collection.  These are all Full-Size warmers.
  • Layers by Scentsy ~ Personal Care and Laundry products that let you pick your signature scent or mix and match to create your own unique fragrance.  Choose from Shower Cream, Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Body Butter, Hand Cream, Body Spray, Solid Perfume, Laundry Washer Whiffs and Dryer Disks.
  • Huggable Scentsy Buddy’s ~ We have both Scentsy Buddy’s and Baby Buddies in our scented animal collection.  We have Roarbert the Lion, Ribbert the frog, Patch the Dog, Ollie the Elephant, Scratch the Cat, Mollie the Monkey, Penny the Pig and Lenny the Lamb.
  • Charitable Cause – Scentsy Family Foundation picks a charity or cause to support each Catalog Season.  We’ve had Warmers and even a special Scentsy Buddy offered.  Scentsy gives 100% of the Net Proceeds to that cause.
  • DIY Warmers and Theme Packs ~ Choose a DIY Warmer and Theme Pack and create a personalized statement piece for your home or as a gift!
  • Scentrend – Scentsy selects a singular and signature fragrance note each year.  Try mixing this single note with other Scents to create a completely different and unique scent.  2012′s Scentrend is Pink Pepper

  • Scented Candles ~ over 80 Wickless Candle bars of Wax to choose from.  Whether you mix-and-match cubes of wax to create your own special scent or enjoy your favorite, specially crafted Scent by Scentsy
  • Fragrance on the Go ~ Take your favorite fragrance with you – wherever you go.  Put Scentsy in your car, locker, closet, drawers, gym bag, purse, hotel room, etc.  Choose from Scentsy Room Spray, Scent Circles, Scent Paks, Fragrance Foam and Travel Tins.
  • Sincerely Scent ~ a New Line of Scented Greeting Cards for every occasion.  Pick one of Scentsy’s Favorites collection scents to include with your personalized card to send out which includes postage, personalized pictures, messages, and so much more!

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