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Scentsy Baby Buddies!

On March 1st 2012 Scentsy Baby buddies were born! These small versions of the original Scentsy img-buddy-patch-babybuddies make it easier for you to take your buddy with you where ever you go! Scentsy baby buddies fit well in a purse, backpack or in your child's arms. The cuddly little animals, like the original sized buddies, have a place to put a Scentsy scent pak to keep your buddy smelling great no matter where you go! These buddies make great gifts for new babies, toddlers or even yourself! 

Baby buddies have been rigorously tested to ensure they are safe for kids and adults a like!  These scent paks are made with non-toxic plastic beads injected with fragrance oils this is so if ingested they will not cause any harm to the child. These scentsy stuffed animals are made with children and parents in mind.

Scentsy baby buddies come in:

Baby Mollie the Monkey       Baby Ribbert the Frog       Baby Roarbert the Lion

img-buddy-mollie-baby                   img-buddy-ribbert-baby              img-buddy-roarbert-baby





Baby Lenny the Lamb          Baby Penny the Pig            Baby Ollie the Elephant

img-buddy-lenny-baby                  img-buddy-penny-baby                img-buddy-ollie-baby




Baby Scratch the Cat           Baby Patch the Dog

img-buddy-scratch-baby                  img-buddy-patch-baby