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Roarbert The Lion: King of the Buddies

SY-RTLRoarbert the Lion Scentsy Buddy is the King of the Scentsy Buddies
 and is a brave stuffed animal with a crazy mane of dark brown hair. He has big black eyes, adorable brown and tan perky ears, a tan furry belly, textured arms and legs and a long fuzzy tail featuring a dark brown tuft of hair on the end. Roarbert the Lion is recommended for children three years and older and is 15.5" tall from his head, minus his wild mane to his paws, 9.5" tall when seated and 5.5" wide. What makes Roarbert the Lion unique from other stuffed animals is his zippered pouch hidden on his back. This pouch is designed to be filled by a Scentsy Pak, a tear-proof, leak-proof aromatic freshener, making Roarbert the Lion a pleasantly scented stuffed animal.

Scent Paks Are A Scentsy Exclusive

Scentsy Paks are square air freshener exclusive to Scentsy. Inside each Scentsy Pak are small fragrant beads that offer long-lasting freshness. Because of the way Scentsy Paks are designed the small beads will not leak and the package will not tear, so there is no need to worry about the small beads becoming loose in Roarbert the Lion. Aromas can induce certain moods and Scentsy offers 30 different choices of fragrance with their Scentsy Paks. Roarbert the Lion's favorite scent is Embers, which reminds him of campfires that he has enjoyed with his best Scentsy Buddies. Other memory inducing Scentsy Paks available include Festival of Trees , Autumn Sunset  and Newborn Nursery .

Lions & Frogs:  BFFs

Roarbert the Lion is loyal, brave and immensely enjoys his role as King of the Scentsy Buddies. When his friends need hisSY-RTF expert help they know exactly who to call. All a Scentsy Buddy or any other friend has to do is let out a lion-sized roar and Roarbert the Lion will quickly be by their side. When it is time for Roarbert the Lion to unwind, he goes and finds his best friend, Ribbert the Frog, together the friends practice their dance moves and often dance the night away.

Customers enjoy the deliciousness that Roarbert the Lion offers their home, whether their children are playing with the stuffed animal or Roarbert the Lion is gracing the shelves of a room in the home.  

Baby Roarbert the Lion & Baby Ribbert the Frog: 

MSYRTLRoarbert and his lioness have created a family! Baby Roarbert was born March 1st 2012!! Him and his best friend Baby Ribbert are small cuddly versions of their parents. Take them with you where ever you go. Attach them to backpacks, purses or just carry them! Like their parents they have a small zipper in their back allowing you to place a scent pak in them to keep them smelling good! Not a big fan of Roarbert or Ribbert? NO worries Baby buddies come in all the same animals as the regular size buddies! View all the scentsy buddies here!