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Pink Pepper is definitely not a wallflower.

Pink Pepper is a complex, multidimensional fragrance. Smell it and you’ll 0212 sT ProductComboexperience wonderful contrasts—sweet, warm tones mixed with spicy, dry nuances. You might even notice a floral quality to this fragrance note. Pink Pepper’s complexity is what makes it so special.

It has the ability to complement a number of different types of blends, from gourmand (think rich chocolate, nutty caramel, or sweet frosting) to floral (think fresh roses, pure peonies, or exotic jasmine). It adds depth and character while it stimulates the senses, making it perfect for mixing with your favorite Scentsy fragrances.

Have you tried mixing pink pepper with any scents yet? If so tell us about them! We would love to hear about the wonderful fragrances that you have created by adding pink pepper to them! Try mixing them with all kinds of different scents to bring out a unique aroma! Add comments below and try to describe your scent!