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 I just had to share this message from the FB wall of Scentsy's CFO, Chuck Thompson (This is in reference to the new "Layers" line that will be in our Spring/Summer 2012 catalog starting March 1)

"You think the lotion is great, wait until you smell your cloths out of the dryer. Body product retailers are not going to know what hit them a year from now. Just like the other major candle companies are
 suddenly interested in warmers and bars...You don't see us ...headed for the wick.... WHO IS THE LEADER..... Its time... we hit the gas and see who else we can cause to scratch their heads... I am thinking it's the chocolate fountain people. I have never tasted fondue chocolate as good as ours.. Right now people say? WHAT? when they see it.  BUT will they say "how fast can I buy it" when they taste it? Just like warmers and wax. The smellin’, led to the sellin'.
We are getting ready to start selling more products with Scentsy, with our newest products, and our new companies!!! I am so excited. You love Scentsy? You will truly love it now. From body products (lotion, body wash), clothes products to make your clothes smell wonderful, and greeting cards... to the new company, VELATA. I can’t wait to taste the specialty chocolates that will be coming out in July!!!

You have seen what this company has done for me and my family in just 1 year-Now is the time to make your Dreams become Reality! I have! NOW is the time to join