Scentsy Buddy Safari Collection

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    Join us on a Scentsy safari adventure! Introducing the newest, cuddliest friends around–the Scentsy BuddySafari Collection–in a new size, just perfect for snuggling. Our original Scentsy Buddies have retired to make way for this limited-edition group of fuzzy friends, inspired by the amazing wildlife of Africa. These buddies will return to the wild soon–but don’t worry, we’ll have a new bunch of pals for you next year!


    SYCTC r1 chika cheetahbuddysitting0   171 SYGTG gambi gorillabudysitting0 173 SYHTH halla hippobuddysitting  172 SYHAV havi hedgehogbuddysitting 
     Chika the Cheetah Scentsy Buddy
     Gambi the Gorilla Scentsy Buddy
     Halla the Hippo Scentsy Buddy
     Havi the Hedgehog Scentsy Buddy
     175 SYZTZ zuku zebrabuddysitting       174 SYJTGKIT jamu giraffebuddysitting
     Zuku the Zebra Scentsy Buddy
    Jamu the Giraffe Scentsy Buddy
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