Why Join Scentsy Family

IC ScentsyFamily PURPScentsy Family™ offers a great opportunity to start your own Direct Selling Business with great growth opportunities. Whether you’re looking for a part time job, full time job, or just a little extra cash; the possibilities are endless for people who are dedicated to working and growing their business. Be your own boss, work your own hours and make friends along the way. Please take your time to research the possibilities when you join Scentsy Fragrance, Velata or Grace Adele. I promise you won't regret it. Right now the Scentsy Family Opportunity is one of the most affordable in Direct Selling Home Based Businesses available today. We are the fastest growing Party Plan Company ever per the Direct Selling Association (DSA)!

What’s different from joining Scentsy Family™ over another DS company? Never done before in Direct Sales, the Scentsy Family™ is giving their consultants the opportunity to recruit for 3 different companies but only have ONE downline! You heard that right! As of August 1st 2012; Scentsy Family consultants can recruit for Scentsy Fragrance, Velata or Grace Adele even if they choose not to sell that product. This new way of marketing will no doubt set new standards in the direct sales industry! 

Are you looking for a Fantastic rewarding job? You will be an independent business person that has the flexibility to set your own hours, choose your own commission, and earn fabulous rewards. You will be able to earn up to 30% on your sales, and you can also receive leadership bonuses of up to 9% on the entire downline volume of the people that sign up under you.

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Mixing Scentsy Fragrances

Mixing ScentsMixing scents is a great way to create a whole new scent. Check out this collection of scents created by other customers, consultants and fanatics of Scentsy:

Apple Dumplings = Apple Press + Clove & Cinnamon + Dulce de Leche
Apple Pie Ala Mode = Baked Apple Pie + Simply Vanilla
Awesomeness = Pumpkin Marshmallow+ Sticky Cinnamon Bun
Bird of Paradise = Enchanted Mist + Sugar Cookie
Blueberry Pancakes = Blueberry Cheesecake + Sticky Cinnamon Bun
Breezy Day at Sea = Ocean + Thunderstorm
Caramel Apples = Duche de Leche + Apple Press
Chocolate Chip Cookies = Mochadoodle + Sugar Cookie
Christmas Bouquet = Sweet Pea & Vanilla + Whiteout
Christmas Citrus = Festival of trees + Sunkissed Citrus
Christmas Memories = Festival of trees + Whiteout
Christmas Morning = Festival of trees + Sticky Cinnamon Bun
Christmas Treasure = Festival of trees + Cinnamon Bear
Cinnamon Creamer = Cinnamon Bear + Simply Vanilla
Cinnamon Citrus = Sun-kissed Citrus + Simply Cinnamon
Citrus Shiver = Mandarin Moon + Whiteout
Citrus Berry = Snowberry + Sunkissed Citrus
Country Christmas = Cozy Fireside + Black Ruby
Cozy Christmas = Festival of trees + Cozy Fireside
Crème Brulee = Dulce de Leche + Sugar Cookie
Creamy Camu = Camu Camu + Simply Vanilla (2)
Deliciousness = Sugar+ Mochadoodle +Blueberry Cheesecake
Doodle Bear = Mochadoodle + Cinnamon Bear
Dream Vacation = Polunesian Dreams + Jet, Set, Go

Enchanted Evening = Enchanted Mist + Welcome Home
Energize Coconut = Coconut Lemongrass + Snowberry
Evening at Home = Enchanted Mist + My Home
Feliz Navidad = Cucumber Lime + Whiteout
French Martini = Black Raspberry Vanilla + Sunkissed Citrus
French Toast = Sticky Cinnamon Bun + Simply Vanilla
Gain-y Fresh = Sparkling Citrus Pear + Cleab Breeze + Serene Green

Frosted Raspberry = Black Raspberry Vanilla + Snowberry (2)
Garden Bliss = Tomato Vine + Simply Basil

Grandma's House = Cinnamon Vanilla + Pumpkin Roll
Harvest Blessings = Apple Press + Pumpkin Roll
Hawaiian Volcano = Cinnamon Bear + Havana Cabana
Holiday Bliss = Christmas Cottage + Black Ruby
Home for Christmas = Cozy Fireside + Snowberry + Festival of trees
Honeymoon = Havana Cabana + Lucky in Love
Hot Blueberry Muffin = Blueberry Cheesecake + Sugar Cookie
Ice Cream Cone = Sunkissed Citrus + Simply Vanilla
Leather & Lace = Vanilla Suede + Simply Vanilla
Lemon Basil = Lemon Verbena + Simply Basil
Lemon Drop = Sugar + Simply Lemon
Loving Waves = Lucky in Love + Ocean
Mama's Cookin' = Baked Apple Pie + Pumpkin Roll
Mama's Pumpkin Pie = Clove & Cinnamon + Pumpkin Roll
Margarita Twist = Cucumber Lime + Havana Cabana
Margaritas = Cucumber Lime + Skinny Dippin'
Mediterranean Raspberry = Black Raspberry Vanilla + Mediterranean Spa
Midnight Rendezvous = Garden of Love + Luna
Misty Pomegranate = Enchanted Mist + Perfectly Pomegranate
Paradise Lime = Shaka + Simply Lime
Peaceful Garden = Zen Garden + Peony Petals
Peach Cobbler = Sticky Cinnamon Bun + Posy Peach
Peppermint Mocha Coffee = Mochadoodle + Whiteout
Plum Lovin' Mint = Aussie Plum + Watermelon Mint
Polar Bear Express = Cinnamon Bear + Whiteout
Pumpkin Pie = Pumpkin Roll + Sugar Cookie
Pumpkin Spiced Latte = Pumpkin Roll + Dulce de Leche + Sticky Cinnamon Bun
Pumpkins By The Fire = Cozy Fireside + Pumpkin Roll
Raspberry Cookies = Black Raspberry Vanilla + Sugar Cookie
Scent Sangria = Sunkissed Citrus + Perfectly Pomegranate + Pineapple Sorbet
Skippin' = Skinny Dippin' + Sunkissed Citrus
Snowberry Apple Pie = Baked Apple Pie + Snowberry
Sorbet = Aussie Plum + Nashi Nectar
Spiced Oranges = Clove & Cinnamon + Sunkissed Citrus
Spiced Punch = Cinnamon Bear + Perfectly Pomegranate
Spicy Berry = Christmas Cottage + Snowberry
Spicy Pumpkin = Cinnamon Bear + Pumpkin Roll
Twitter-pated = Peony Petals + Pear Blossom
Vanilla Latte = Mochadoodle + Simply Vanilla
Vanilla Mint = Simply Vanilla + Whiteout
Warm Coffee = Cozy Fireside + Mochadoodle
Wassail = Mandarin Moon + Pumpkin Roll
White Christmas = Christmas Cottage + Whiteout
Winter Pine Berry = Cozy Fireside + Snowberry + Black Ruby

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Jenna Hinman Fundraiser

jENNAScentsy Fundraiser for Jenna Hinman

I am hosting a Scentsy Fundraiser for the Hinman family and will be donating 100% of my commission. We can keep the fundraiser going as long as needed. All orders will be shipped directly to you from Scentsy.

You can help by ordering from my website:

About Jenna:
Jenna Hinman (Blaisdell) is in need of your love, support, and prayers. She is currently fighting for her life at Crouse Hospital in Syracuse NY. Jenna was in her 30th week of pregnancy when she went into premature labor on March 3rd 2014. Jenna was rushed to the Emergency Room and delivered her twin baby girls within
an hour of arrival via emergency C-section. Due to the babies’ premature birth, they were whisked away to the NICU with Jenna only getting a quick glimpse of her newborns - Kinleigh Ann Hinman (2 pounds 9 ounces) and Azlynn Mary Hinman (3 pounds 6 ounces), both in good health. Soon after the delivery Jenna began having difficulty breathing and the situation quickly escalated from fear that she had pneumonia to a realization that she was fighting for her very life. Jenna was placed in a medically induced coma on Thursday, March 6th 2014. It was then that the family learned that Jenna is suffering from a rare, pregnancy-related cancer called choriocarcinoma, which has filled her body with tumors and lesions.




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Easter Special

Easter special Scentsy Easter Special

Love decorating for Easter? Add Scentsy’s Easter Egg warmer to your décor and get 3 of Scentsy’s favorite bars for only $30 – that’s a $50 value. Available until April 30th (or while supplies last) you can get the Easter egg warmer, Coconut Lemongrass bar, French Lavender bar and Jumpin' Jelly Bean bar as part of the Easter Bundle. To order, visit 

Once your order arrives, be sure to post pictures to my Melt My Scents facebook page of how you added it to your décor! 







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Difference 10 Years Can Make

It's amazing what a difference 10 years can make. Scentsy's 1st "home office" is on the left, and their new "Scentsy Commons" on the right.

It's amazing what 4 years can make. Next month, I will celebrate my 4 year Scentiversary on Valentine's
10 yearsDay
. I asked my husband for the Starter Kit for my present that year. I remember signing up while holding my 6 week old son. I was so excited but I never would have DREAMED that Scentsy would have turned out for us the way it has. My fun little hobby that I signed up to sell to mainly get the discount has turned into a family business I can take with us no matter where my husband is stationed. Not only can I plan my schedule around my family but it's something they love helping me with as well. One of my favorite people to work events with is my husband and my son loves helping me make samples and label my Scentsy bars. I now make personal goals for our business and family goals for our business. My goal before my 5 year Scentiversary is to promote to Super Star Director, the highest rank you can achieve in Scentsy Family. Our new "family" goal is that when my husband retires from the military in 8 years; that he never has to work again. I think after 20 years serving in the Marine Corps, he deserves it!?! 
In 4 short years, my goals for my business have changed drastically and I can't imagine what I will be reaching for when I hit my 10 year Scentiversary. 

You can be a part of this amazing company even if you’re not a sales person. You just need to be someone who is honest and loves the Scentsy Family products. The product sells itself.

Valentine's Day is coming up! Maybe a Scentsy Starter Kit is what you need???

Read more of My Story !


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